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woman's action coalition memphis


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Getting Involved

There are several things you can do to be a part of WAC:

Attend a meeting

All WAC meetings are free and open to the public. Come to the next Women's
Action Coalition meeting, Sunday, February 24 at 6:00 at the Mid South Peace & Justice Center, 1000 S. Cooper, the First Congregational Church. Park in the back and come to the door with the long ramp. Please come on time,
because someone will have to wait by that door to let you in. The church is open to various groups, we are not representing ANY religion.

Submit to our WAC zine, Korrespondances

Our current issue is completed and can be obtained by emailing Michelle at!The theme seems to be women's reproductive rights and includes articles on stem cell research, unmasking phoney abortion clinics, volunteering at clinics, transgender rights and safe spaces within the feminist community,comix, recipes and more. Next issue has yet to be discussed!


Become a Radical Cheerleader!

Us Memphis Radical cheerleaders may come in all shapes,colors and sizes but one thing we all share is the ability to get LOUD! come get crunk with us as we protest the shit that no one thinks us girls notice.We have performed at the Memphis Gay Pride Parade, the Vagina Monologues and the Southern Girl Convention.

Next Practice:
Wednesday Thursday Feb. 21 @ Andrea's house after Food Not Bombs..
6pm ???
We will be practicing those Vagina friednly cheers for the vagina monologues!