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this is what transpired at our last meeting:

Sunday Feb.10,2002
Moderator and notes-transcribing Goddess: Terry

We had a great meeting February 10 with lots of ideas flying about.
Michelle, Adele, Kathy, Andrea, and Terry were there. We got excited
radical cheerleading. Andrea listed several women who want to cheer for
VDay including Caledonia, April, Adele, Michelle, Andrea, Robin, and
Jessica. Michelle knows others too, and she runs a radical cheerleader
website and knows tons of VDay cheers and told us about a CD that's
created that is full of cheers "for all the girls." As you know from
Andrea's email: There was radical cheerleading practice this past,
at Andrea's house. How did it go, Andrea??

We had to change our plans for doing the Birds & Bees
we will hand out condoms, information on safe sex, and information about
VDay--from March 8 to March 1 instead. That is because Spring Break
from March 4 through the 8th and there wouldn't be anyone on campus. We
still need more help with this. Who else wants to flit around and hand
information on March 1st?

*Andrea is going to do the campus work to get us a literature table that
and to make sure we have permission to do the action.

We also had a discussion of lining up speakers for fall. We can get $
this from the University. We talked of two women who are traveling and
giving talks about sexism in the movement. We might also want to put
together a women's health workshop; or bring some radical cheerleaders
We need to get our proposals together as the deadline is April 3rd.

Andrea had brought the long awaited WAC Zine, Correspondence.

*Michelle volunteered to finish it off so that we could have it by our

We also had an update on how the work is going in support of the
tomato pickers. Several of us were out picketing Taco Bell on Saturdays
from 11:30 AM to 2:00 PM. Look for Steve's emails to tell us where
going to go next Saturday. This is great fun, and the last two
have been beautiful sunny days. We turn a lot of people away and
educate a
lot more. We got news coverage from Channel 13 last Saturday. Did
see it?

We also talked about National Crisis Pregnancy Center Protest Day.
Don't be
fooled by the innocent sounding "Crisis Pregnancy Center." What this is
code for is those phony abortion so-called "clinics," that tell lies
abortion and peddle fundamentalism and hate. April 13 is national CPC
protest day. We talked about having a demonstration and press
conference at
a local CPC here in Memphis. It could include a skit where someone
as an anti-abortion fanatic would yell out something like: "Abortions
breast cancer." And then we would answer: "That's a lie!" and go into a
short documented talk dispelling the lie. Each time the fanatic would
out a lie, we would refute it. Do you out there in cyber space have any
other ideas about what we can do on this day? Life Choices, one of
phony clinics, is trying to recruit Spanish translators so that they can
tell their lies in two languages. We really do have to fight back! We
a lot of help with this day, including working up information to be
out, writing a press release, gathering the names of women who have died
because abortions were unavailable to them. Who wants to help with this

*Terry agreed to work on a skit for National CPC Protest Day.

As you can see, we have a lot to talk about at our next WAC meeting.
also wants to propose that we take up the question of violence against
women--which is what VDay is about too, as a friend of hers who lives in
area just north of Summer Ave. told her of the many rapes happening
Andrea wants to discuss if we want to post flyers and banners in the
that would be empowering to women and threatening to rapists.

So there's tons to talk about and to do. Come to the next Women's
Coalition meeting, Sunday, February 24 at 6:00 at the Mid South Peace &
Justice Center, 1000 S. Cooper, the First Congregational Church. Park
the back and come to the door with the long ramp. Please come on time,
because someone will have to wait by that door to let you in.

Next meeting will be held Feb. 24, 2002!!!

this weeks agenda

Radical cheering/Iraq
take back the night 5k
self defense

side notes

the WAC zine is called Korrespondances, and back
issues can be obtained by writing to:
WAC Memphis
787 ellsworth
memphis TN 38111