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Welcome to the official WAC Memphis site!

Welcome to home of the newly resurrected Women's Action Coalition Memphis! This page will serve as a place for us to post ideas and actions as well as share them with others that might just be interested in what we are doing. Thanks to the all the awesome women who have helped kickstart a whole new era of WAC mayhem~! This year we hope to really make our mark on this town.
For the revolution,


We will exercise our full creative power to launch a visible and remarkable
resistance. WAC is watching. We will take action.
WAC meets every other Sunday at 1000 S. Cooper.@ 6pm!

Mission Statement

The Womens Action Coalition (WAC) is an open alliance commited to DIRECT
ACTION affecting the rights of all women. We are witnesses to the current economic,
cultural and political pressures that limit womens lives and to the horrifying effect of
these limitations. As current legislations fail to reflect the experience of women, we
support the immediate enactment of an ERA initiative.WAC insists on economic parity
and representation for all women and an end to homophobia, racism, religious prejudice
and violence against women. We insist on every womens right to quality health care, child
care and reproductive freedom.

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