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Womens Action Coalition Constitution
Effective March 6, 2001

Article I - Name

Womens Action Coalition (WAC)

Article II - Objectives, Purpose, Goal

The purpose of WAC is to unify women, to help women know more about
themselves and others, to expose injustices to women, and to fight for
equality and womens rights.

Article III - Membership

(a) Members receive either the title of student or associate.
Student members are required to be University of Memphis students with
minimum 2.0 GPAs. Student members are entitled to represent WAC on
campus and may be eligible for the office of treasurer should the need
for one arise. Associate members are individuals who are interested in
womens issues who are not University of Memphis students. Associate
members are not entitled to vote on organizational issues or monetary
funds usage. An associate member may not be the treasurer. The number
of associate members may not exceed the number of student members.
(b) All members of the community who are interested in supporting
womens issues are welcome to join WAC as associate members. University
of Memphis students are welcome to join WAC as student members provided
they have 2.0 or higher GPAs.
(c) No membership dues shall be collected.

Article IV - Officers

(a) WAC is a non-hierarchical organization and shall have no officers
except a treasurer if the need for one arises.
(b) If a treasurer is elected, she/he must be a student who is taking
at least six hours during the regular semesters of her/his tenure and
she/he must maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA. The treasurer will be elected
by consensus and her/his decisions and actions concerning monetary funds
shall reflect the opinion of the majority.

Article V - Meetings

(a) Meetings shall occur on the second and fourth sundays of every
month at six p.m. They shall be held in room 110 of Prescott Memorial
Baptist Church on the corner of Patterson and Mynders Streets.
(b) Meetings shall be conducted in an orderly manner with the meeting
beginning with the choosing of a facilitator and a person to take notes
and the writing of an agenda. Topics will be discussed in the order in
which they occur on the agenda.

Article VI - Executive Board

Since WAC is non-hierarchical, no executive board shall exist. If
administrative responsibilites need to be undertaken, they shall be
appointed by consensus to a student member or members.

Article VII - Finance

(a) WAC does not plan to raise money through annual dues or
fundraisers. Any funds acquired will be gotten through donations and
any financial decisions will be made by consensus.
(b) Any funds which are left if WAC dissolves should be donated to the
memphis Center for Reproductive Health.

Article IX - Amendments

Amendments shall be made by consensus. A majority vote is required for

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Meetings are held the 2nd and 4th sundays of the month at 499 Patterson, at Prescott Memorial Church rm 110.