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woman's action coalition memphis


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WAC Memphis manifesto

The Womans Action coalition (WAC) is a grassroots,community-minded organization
of women and men committed to changing the conditions of womens lives and dedicated
to the fight for TRUE liberation for all people.
Although historically rooted as a campus group at the University of Memphis,WAC
aims to reflect the diverse Memphis community.
Our meetings are times for organizations of upcoming events and actions,as well as
discussions on a variety of topics ranging form gender issues, rape,violence against
women, the local and global community, the theory and practice of feminism, and more.
Our meetings are open to ALL and we want it to be a space where every voice will be
Weve taken up many important issues in the past and want to take up many more in
the future.Some of them include:
Reproductive Rights- We fight for the right to control our own bodies. This means free,
SAFE accessible abortion on demand.It means the right to have children and to raise them
in healthy safe, pollution-free environment.It means the right to birth control and birth
control information .And it means free,safe, accessible childcare.
*Community Education- We hope to become a valuable resource to the Memphis
Community, providing information on issues that affect womens lives. From health clinic
info to childcare, student help to current events.
*Helping Young Feminists- We are working on having young women and girls take an
active part in our meetings and actions, and hope to learn from them how we can be more
accessible to youth.
*Opposing Capitalism- We are opposed to capitalism, where human beings are reduced to
things in the process of production, where our very labor is alienated from us.We fight for
a society where human needs, not profit,will determine our economic lives;where society
is structured:from each according to her ability , to each according to her need.
*Promoting Feminism- We hope to provide a healthy definition of feminism and nurture an
attitude of acceptance towards people who fight for the lives of women.
*Ending Violence towards women- We work to end violence against women,be it in the
form of rape,sexual abuse, street or workplace harrasment,verbal abuse or the abuse of
*Fighting against homophobia- We openly and enthusiastically strive to achieve an end to
homophobia by actively supporting the queer movement.
*Environmental Justice- We fight against the pollution and degradation of our air, water,
food, soil and we support the environmental justice movement in its struggle to end
environmental racism.